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Don’t see the workshop you want listed below? Kathy can tailor individual workshops to fit your needs. Contact her to discuss possibilities: kathyjessup@hotmail.com

Storytelling Workshops for Adults

“Taking Control”

Preparing for a successful performance

You are booked for a gig and are rehearsed and ready. What could possibly go wrong? Everything! Venue problems, miscommunication with the organizers, audience issues—there are any number of ways your storytelling can be overshadowed by outside forces. Learn how to avoid the “crash and burn” experience. Come with your horror stories, and pick up Kathy’s valuable tips and strategies for a successful performance.

“Soup to Nuts”

A performance workshop including microphone technique and stage tips

From entrance to exit you leave a lasting impression with your audience. In this workshop, you’ll receive valuable tips on handling nerves, stage presence, and adding some zip to your story delivery. A good chunk of time will also be spent on microphone technique. Participants will have the opportunity to practice with various types of microphones and gain experience with what works best for them. Come with a short story you know well.

“Crafting Original Stories”

Learn the basics for creating your own memorable tales

Participants will explore the various stages of story development: gathering ideas, different ways to create a story line/structure, character development, embellishment and dialogue. They will also take the first steps toward learning their new story—finding out what works and what doesn’t, and re-working their original concept as necessary. Both fiction and non-fiction will be addressed.

Corporate Workshops

“Inside Out”

Stories reveal truths about ourselves and our world

  • Expand beyond the fun, stories are powerful teaching tools
  • Improve communication skills
  • Performance tips to strengthen your overall presentation skills
  • Promote personal growth and development
  • Corporate Retreats: team building outside the box
  • Define your company’s story through group storytelling

“Present Like a Pro”

A performance workshop

  • Conquer nerves with valuable tips and strategies
  • Take control of your performance—from entrance to exit
  • Learn about various types of microphones and the advantages of each
  • Find out how to prepare in advance for a successful presentation