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About the Concerts


Kathy has been telling tales all her life and credits her Irish ancestry for “the gift of Blarney.” For over two decades she has devoted herself to storytelling as both a career and a passion. She’s performed at schools, libraries, concerts and festivals in every corner of Canada. In recent years, Kathy has risen to the international stage, including trips to Scotland, Ireland, Iceland, and Africa! As an experienced performer, she presents her stories in a relaxed humorous atmosphere, building an instant rapport with listeners of all ages.

Many of Kathy’s original stories come from combining her own vivid imagination with past experiences. When searching out world folk tales to share, she looks for ones that jump off the page and in to her heart and mind. Although she’s been telling stories for years, Kathy is constantly amazed at the power stories have to bring people together, with empathy and insight on the common human experience. Both adults and children find themselves totally captivated as the words and images of a great story unfold. Whether they reveal an age-old truth, a cautionary tale, or a rollicking adventure—stories never cease to engage, enlighten and entertain us.

Storytelling concerts can be adapted to accommodate various types of audiences, occasions, venues and program lengths.

Fundraising Concerts

Looking for a fun new way of raising money for your worthy cause?

Consider hosting a storytelling concert for your next community or corporate fundraiser.

Kathy can tailor a unique program to perfectly suit the needs and style of your organization. Whether you’re looking for dinner entertainment, an afternoon or evening concert, or a private function, storytelling is a great way to give your fundraising Donors a special treat.

When I’m making a story… I close the eyes in my head, and I open the eyes in my mind, and what do I see?

—Frank Delaney

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