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Concerts & Workshops


Storytelling Concert


“Stories in a Briefcase”

The storytelling concert comes to your office

  • Treat your hard-working staff to a storytelling performance—just for fun!
  • Celebrate your success with story—tales to fit any occasion
  • Noon-hour/evening/weekend—concert programs available (give your Company Dinner some artistic flair!)
  • Perfect complement to corporate “Growth & Development” programs
  • Cozy story circles, or large group performances
  • Adaptable: venue, concert length and repertoire—tailored to fit you
  • Motivate through the power of story

Corporate Storytelling Workshops:

“Inside Out”

Stories reveal truths about ourselves and our world

  • Expand beyond the “fun,” stories are powerful teaching tools
  • Improve communication skills
  • Performance tips to strengthen your overall presentation skills
  • Promote personal growth and development
  • Corporate Retreats: team building “outside the box”
  • Define your company’s “story” through group storytelling

“Present Like a Pro”

A performance workshop

  • Conquer nerves with valuable tips and strategies
  • Take control of your performance—from entrance to exit
  • Learn about various types of microphones and the advantages of each
  • Find out how to prepare in advance for a successful presentation